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Exhibitors Info

Audience style

Professional visits and buyer invitations  

Audience Invitation:

1, bus mode: Anhui Sugar Wine Party Organizing Committee are sent ferry bus will be dealers from the hotel and the exhibition center connected;

2, hotel reception: for the pre-registered dealers to provide free hotel accommodation for one night;

3, pre-exhibition business-enterprise interaction: dynamic will register the information of exhibitors to the dealer, so that exhibitors before the exhibition may be effective.

Miles - East China, Central China, 100 cities, thousands of counties, tens of thousands of stores publicity

Audience source:

1, Circulation domain: Dealers, agents, wholesale traders, retailers, online merchants, etc.

2, Import distribution: Dealers, purchasers, supermarkets and imported supermarkets of imported alcohol and food in various provinces and cities in China.

3, Catering field: Various large, medium and small star hotels, medium and high-grade catering chain institutions, Chinese and Western restaurants, etc.

4, Group purchase channel: Provincial and municipal organs and units, large commercial groups, commercial complexes, universities, enterprises and institutions, etc.

5, Production area: Domestic alcohol food production and processing enterprises.

6, Association media: Provincial and municipal industry competent units, business associations, media, etc.